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The provider should have robust security measures in place to protect your financial data. I am Social Media Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Getting the word out in the digital space about your brand and product is the key role of my job.

  • By optimizing every step in the AR process right from invoicing to reconciliation, the AR automation software improves the cash flow and working capital.
  • So, select an account receivable software that integrates with third-party software like ERM, CRM and accounting software.
  • Producing and distributing invoices is the cornerstone of AR, and automation software can shed all the onus from your shoulder.
  • Utilize these insights to continuously refine and optimize your AR strategies, driving improved efficiency and effectiveness in your collections and cash management processes.
  • Additionally, an automated system can identify the applicable tax rate for transactions involving taxes like VAT or sales tax, ensuring accurate tax collection.

Before you inch ahead and start with account receivable automation, here are some frequently asked questions you should evaluate to maximize the value of your account receivable automation process. Instead of jumping head first into choosing an AR software (which we’ll cover later), let’s take a moment to review how to automate your process in the first place. Since you get paid faster, you can use your working capital for your payables – paying your own providers. You can also make strategic long-term investments or financing activities. This means you will always be working with the latest data and that it’s always going to be with the most accurate formula. There is no need to fumble through excel spreadsheets or switch between 3 different software anymore – it’s all in there!

How is Centime different from other AR automation options on the market?

A final step might be to evaluate the efficiency of your accounts payable flowchart. For example, you may discover that it takes too long for payments to be authorized, resulting in late invoice payments and additional fees. Finding ways to streamline this process will ensure you pay your invoices more promptly, improving your company’s cash flow management.

It’s like having a crystal ball that predicts which customers might cause a dip in your cash flow. After all, the right implementation for a business could offer customers with a variety of payment choices. You can choose between automated clearing house (ACH) payments or use peer-to-peer payment apps. And, once a company receives payments, the system can send automated payment receipt notices to clients. Furthermore, manual labour in non-automated or partially automated O2C processes can slow a company’s operation, resulting in delays and customer discontent.

Streamlined Digital Payment Processing

The software’s seamless integration capabilities mean you can swiftly integrate it without incurring additional costs. Moreover, its robust security measures guarantee complete financial safety. Backed by a dedicated customer support team and user-friendly, mobile-accessible dashboards, streamlines your financial operations and adapts to your business’s changing needs.

Why is Automating Accounts Receivables Important?

Automated email reminders can be sent to customers about upcoming or overdue payments, ensuring you don’t need to chase payments manually. Are you looking to add automated invoice processing to your arsenal of tools? Whereas, AR automation automatically generates invoices based on sales data, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Q15 – Why do you need your software to be PCI-DSS compliant?

Automation software manages these complexities, ensuring compliance with regional laws and regulations. Corcentric EIPP is delivered as a managed service offering to streamline set-up, onboarding, and management. Centime offers both standalone and all-in-one cash management solutions depending on your business needs. When CentimePay is used, Centime provides automatic cash application to those receivables. Monitor payment patterns by customers to ensure critical customers are paying on time.

What data inputs to collect for customers to generate invoices?

Since all your collection data is gathered in one tool, you can find the information you need, when you need it. Additionally, receive AR reports like the aging analysis, cashflow projection, and how do you use the present value of an ordinary annuity table collection efficiency reports directly to your inbox and keep track of upcoming challenges and opportunities. This will help bring visibility to your AR process and minimize manual tasks.


Vendors can be selected from your chart of accounts, or you can choose a new vendor. The goal is to select a vendor whose goods and prices align with your purchasing goals. Try our pro plan, which includes our Notion invoice tracker and budget tracker. During the onboarding process, you will typically disclose proposed payment terms with the customer. Based on the credit history and financials, you can decide to extend a higher credit limit, more lenient payment terms, or better early payment discounts.