5 Herbal Remedies to Reduce Cravings for Alcohol

A critical component of the recovery process is psychotherapy and counseling. An example of psychotherapy used for this process is called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Laurel has over twenty years’ experience in legal and regulatory affairs in both the public and private sectors.

natural remedies for alcohol cravings

Studies have shown that mindfulness is beneficial for reducing cravings. This practice lets you become aware of bodily herbs to curb alcohol cravings sensations and accept uncomfortable emotions. Managing alcohol cravings during detoxification can be challenging.

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However, reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption can contribute to weight loss over time due to the reduced intake of empty calories. Supplements like BioRebalance Restore can be helpful for helping curb cravings, improving your mood, and helping support relaxation while providing nutritional support to combat deficiencies. Exercising can be beneficial for helping reduce cravings while you are detoxing. The liver is responsible for flushing toxins out of the body and consuming alcohol puts a lot of pressure on this organ. The runner’s high is real as exercise stimulates the brain to release “feel good” hormones. We are dedicated to transforming the despair of addiction into a purposeful life of confidence, self-respect and happiness.

  • These tools work by bringing mindful attention to the breath and body.
  • Alcohol detox isn’t easy and not everyone can do it on their own.
  • The only way to protect the liver long-term is to eliminate or drastically reduce alcohol consumption.
  • In 2020, opioid-related deaths only surpassed alcohol deaths by seven percent.
  • Whether you want to take a break from drinking or you’re quitting alcohol for keeps, bring in some pros to help.
  • Studies have shown that using the kudzu extract in the form of a pill may help reduce beer intake.

A typical 25-ounce (750 ml) bottle of table wine holds about 5 “standard” drinks, each containing about 5 ounces. This serving size of wine contains about the same amount of alcohol as a 12-ounce regular beer or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits. Having a severe dependency on one thing can destroy both lives and relationships. If your goal is to get out of a slump, or to help out a friend in need – it’s important to know that there are ways to improve the reliability of your decision to quit.

Herbal Remedies to Reduce Cravings for Alcohol

Consuming nutrient-rich foods is necessary for recovering from addiction. Along with good nutrition and eating a well-balanced diet, getting adequate sleep and being active physically are helpful for reducing cravings. There are also plenty of ways to use herbal remedies for alcohol cravings.

Ashwagandha is an herbal supplement used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It has long been used to prevent alcohol cravings, improve immune function, and reduce stress. Although the available evidence is mixed or lacking in humans, the following natural supplements, herbs, and vitamins might help curb alcohol cravings (5, 6, 7).

How to Tell When Alcohol Is Affecting Your Relationships

From monthlong sobriety challenges to the Sober Curious movement, more and more people are taking a closer look at the role alcohol plays in their lives. Melatonin may facilitate discontinuation of benzodiazepines when there is dependence following chronic use. Patients taking melatonin reported significantly greater improvements in subjective sleep quality compared to the placebo group. Most patients who continued to take controlled-release melatonin at night remained off benzodiazepines six months after the end of the study. Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available. At the end of the day, just remember you don’t have to run the course alone — connecting with a therapist or joining a recovery program can make all the difference.

  • They include simple deep breathing, box breathing (square breathing), or four-seven-eight breathing.
  • People may be resistant to treatment because they are embarrassed to speak about the problem with their doctor.
  • Meditation, practiced on your own or via guided meditation, can help you learn to react less to alcohol cravings (8).
  • The term “rehabilitation” is a set of steps taken to reverse the effects and damages caused by alcoholism – physically, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise.

Combining medication with therapy and other interventions can prove even more helpful than medication alone. Learning to work through difficult emotions and handle these challenges in more productive ways can improve your relationships and overall well-being, not to mention help reduce the urge to drink. Maybe you experience your strongest cravings when you feel anxious or stressed or find yourself facing conflict with someone you care about. She notes that it can help to avoid your triggers as much as possible in early recovery, since triggers are often most intense when you first stop drinking.

Prior to joining Amethyst, she served as the Director of Enforcement for a state regulatory body. Malt beverages are not required to list their alcohol content on the labels, so you may need to visit the bottler’s Web site. Incorporating natural laxatives can be beneficial for promoting bowel movements and eliminating waste from your system.

The herb angelica is a very good detoxification agent which helps to reduce alcohol cravings. This plant has antihistamine properties which work best with compulsive and driven type drinkers. St. John’s Wort is an herbal antidepressant which helps to reduce alcohol cravings.